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About Our Great Company                                                                                                     

V & H Fresh opened on July 10, 2010.  Our goal was instead of doing a lot of different things all at once we would  concentrate on a few things and make that our main focus and do it right!    We are a leading Mexican Asian cut broccoli crowns, Conventional Florets, as well as Mexican grown sweet strawberries shipped seasonally .  Starting 2019 we are also now growing & shipping certified organic broccoli crowns, Organic bunch broccoli w/tags  grown in Pueblo, MX and shipped thru our  facility in Mc Allen, TX .   We have all food safety documentation and meets and/or exceeds Government requirements.  We offer 60 years of combined experience ready to take you're already established program to the next level.  We are currently working with our Mexican partners opening new Green Houses and have just completed  construction of a new cooling facility in Zamora, MX .   This year for 2020 we will ship approximately 350,000 Asian cut crowns both organic & conventional,  plus 150,000 flats of beautiful, sweet strawberries packed in the V & H Fresh label.  We'll topped well over 6 million in sales and plan on a steady growth for 2021.  We have one philosophy we live by at V & H Fresh,........There's No Substitute for Quality !!!

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You can also visit our Race Team site at:

V & H Fresh ships from our cooler Aquilies Cold Storage :  956-843-8105 in Mc Allen, TX, as well as Perlag Cold Storage also in Mc Allen.

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